25 June, 2010

On 10:19:00 AM by Aliza in
Salam, Harini dengan rasminya Wuddah lancarkan banyak produk baru, antaranya cd printed bamboo... rasanya belum pernah nengok lagi bamboo printed. so, marilah kita cuba.

Item : Snap Button Bamboo Cloth Diapers/Nappies
Design option:

Genius Kid,Cute Butterfly,Pink Dot,Autumn Dream, Football Fever,White Galaxy
Cover (outer): 100% polyester + waterproof
Cover inside: 98% bamboo 2% polyester
1 layer: 98% bamboo 2% polyester
3 layers: 100% microfiber
Contain : one set include one diaper cover and one insert

New features:

1. New button style to overcome 'wing drop' problem
2. 4 layers insert.
3. Extra button on left wing to well fit new born baby.

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