01 July, 2009

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Dear valued customer:

Salam and Hi,

It is our passion to create this Awra’s Online StoRe just for you. Nowadays, with the economic world crisis issue, we are sure that everyone of us want to save our monthly or even daily cost. In order to buy our family's need, we have to spend much money to go to the difference shop / place to get difference stuff. We even have to spend much of our value time to go through traffic jammed or queue at the cashier counter. All of this will make us tension and the great important thing here is it will make our monthly / daily cost increase.

At Awra's Online StoRe we always try to give you more value for your money. We are offer the best price for you but of course with no compromise with the quality. You can get more quality product here with no more trapped in traffic jammed, go to many shop / place, wasting your value time and increase your cost. Just sit in front of your computer, play with your finger and your stuff will be delivered to your front door.

We are offer crazy price package for chosen item. Just stay online and checkout our promotion list!!
As an appreciation to our customer, we are running a Baby Contest which will end on 31st July 2009. You are welcome to enter the contest and get a chance to win Spectra 3 BF machine (worth RM388.00). Please check our website. T & C apply.

Thank you for continous support and we look forward to bring to you more quality product at the best price in the near future.

Let's shopping at Awra's Online Store, your best virtual shop ever.We are happy to serve you the best.

Kalau aku join leh tak? Grenti adik menang
Senang jer syarat dia, aku copy paste jer

1.Contest are open to any customer who have been buy any of our product (min RM50.00 in a single receipt from 17th Jun 2009 until 31st July 2009)
2. Baby have to wear any of our baby product.
3. Participant have to email their baby picture to alia_5biz2u@yahoo.com / aqharawra@maxismail.com.my and give their comment on the product they buy. (Please state your email, blog (if any), phone no and your address)
4. Their baby picture will be publish in this blog.
5. Customer who have more than 1 receipt (min RM50.00) will entitle to submit more than 1 picture. (1 receipt = 1 picture)
6. Contest will end on 31st July 2009.
7. The winner will be judge on reader's choice.
8. Participant can promote to as many as their friend to choose their baby's picture to get win.
9. Readers can choose the winner by submitting their comment below the baby's picture entry.
10. Admin will have right to use any of published baby picture in any of our promotion.
11. The result of this contest are final and no objection will be entertained.
12. Only one participant will be the winner. If there are more than one participant have the highest hit, admin of this blog have the right to choose the winner.
13. The winner will be contact by email or phone and the prize will be post to the winner in 3 working days after the address being confirmed.

Ok korang, marilah meramaikan peraduan ni, mana tau ada yang berezeki murah… 25persen ya

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